Eye Vitamins 1 [Show Notes]

Episode 83 – Eye Vitamins 1

*Disclaimer: most vitamins and minerals are used in and good for ALL of your body
Vitamin C – helps make collagen, allows iron to be absorbed, and acts as a neurotransmitter co-factor (helps in the process of creating and sending messages)
Vitamin E – antioxidant (call-back —> traps up free radicals so they don’t damage cells in important organs)
Beta-Carotene – a pre-cursor to Vitamin A (this happens in your liver), Vitamin A works with proteins in your eyes to create light-sensitive molecules to aid in color vision and seeing in dim light
Zinc – helps Vitamin A know where it’s needed in the body and helps it get there
Selenium – helps the body absorb Vitamin E
Calcium – vital for muscle and nerve conduction (think electricity)
No lone rangers here!
Many foods are fortified in modern countries and have vitamins added to them that may not be naturally occurring in the raw ingredients.
If you’re eating a well balanced diet and still deficient in something, take a supplement of the thing you’re deficient in, not a whole multi-vitamin.
If you’re getting regular check-ups with your doctor, they should be testing for many things, including many vitamin levels, to check for deficiencies.
Being “tired” isn’t always fixed by taking vitamins.
Bonus: depending on what nutrient is missing to cause anemia, the red blood cells will have a certain appearance.
Some vitamins are fat soluble so they hang out in your adipose tissue, and can cause problems if you get them in too large amounts.

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