Eye Anatomy [Show Notes]

Episode 82 – Eye Anatomy

Your eyes are more complex than any camera on the planet!

Cornea – a concave lens on the front of your eye that focuses light
Iris – the colored part, a diaphragm that controls how much light comes in (the pupil is the hole the light enters = equivalent to the aperture of a camera)
Lens – the “focuser”, uses a process called accommodation to focus near to far and make the image as sharp and clear as possible
Retina – the sensor, and sends signals to the brain to translate light into an images

The retina has 2 types of sensors:
– Rods – detect light intensity
– Cones – color differentiation

Two special areas of the retina:
– Macula – right in the middle of the retina, they place that detects the most detail (that’s why the center of your vision field is a clearer picture than the periphery)
– Fovea – the center of the macula, it contains cones (color sensors) only to aid in the translation of very fine details

Support structures
– Extra-ocular muscles – allows your eyes to move around in their holes
– there are chambers of fluid that are between each structure of the eye, and that fluid helps hold nutrients that feed those parts, and remove waste
– Choroid – the layer that holds all the blood vessels that feed the eyes
– Sclera – the whites of your eyes, an outer coating that hold everything inside
– Conjuntiva – the mucus membrane that attaches the sclera to the eyelids; produces liquid for lubrication and trapping invaders

PSA: Please don’t vigorously rub or scratch your eyes, you could hurt them!

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