Now You See It [Show Notes]

Episode 77 – Now You See It

Review: Brain lesion = a place in the brain that doesn’t fire when it should or fires sporadically when it shouldn’t

Occipital lobe lesions can lead to hallucinations that range from amorphous to extremely detailed.

Field blindness – a lesion causes the occipital lobe to not translate the information from one or more spots of the visual map (your whole view).  Blind spots (round) or visual cuts (lines).

Lesions in the occipital-temporal-parietal junction:
– Color agnosia – can see the colors but can’t recall the names; simplified colors (all greens appear to be the same green)
– Movement agnosia – think weeping angels (things only move to a new position when you’re not looking at it) or moving items appear blurry
– Agraphia – unable to communicate in writing

Photosensitivity seizures – seizures triggered by visual overstimulation.  Even though stereotypical in different forms of entertainment, only accounts for about 10% of seizure triggers.  Seizures triggered by visual stimulation can range from mild to severe.

Certain types of blindness can be rooted in translation problems in the brain, rather than reception problems in the eyeball.

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