Seems like only yesterday [Show Notes]

Episode 74 – Seems like only yesterday

The temporal lobe is located on each side of your head by your ears.
– It helps you process auditory input – identify sounds

There is a special area called Wernicke’s area.  It helps identify the meaning behind speech and vocal tones
*This is different from Broca’s area, which is just able to identify some sounds as being words

The temporal lobe holds your long-term memory – facts and knowledge (declarative)

Emotionally charged memories are also held in the temporal lobe, but they have a special connection to the amygdala (which is part of the limbic system).  These memories have a high level of detail, and usually can’t be recalled without also recalling the emotion.  They also don’t have a sense of time.

Memories in the temporal lobe can lead to déjà vu.

The temporal lobe allows you to see a simple or incomplete image and fill in all sorts of details – whether it be the details of the image or a long train of connected memories.

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