Health Story: Emily Olsen [Show Notes]

We talked to Emily Olson of Whole Life Wellness.

Takeaway point:  Talk to the people at the practice at which you are wanting to start receiving care.  If the doctor is not available for a direct interview, the office manager may be able to answer questions regarding the practitioners and their style of communicating with patients and their approach to care.

You can contact Emily at (CO not COM) – it is under construction.
You can also reach her and find out information about the Whole Foods Nutrition Challenge on her Facebook page:
***The next challenge starts January 9, 2017!***

***Time Sensitive****
She’s offering some AWESOME specials–good until November 30th!
Here are the details (but be sure to watch the video for further explanations!):
*One-on-one 6-month coaching program: $584.00 (a 41% discount from $990.00–in honor of my 41st birthday!)
*The ‘It’s About Time! Wellness for Work’ 60-Day course–a nitty-gritty and encouraging course focusing on being your best self for your best work and vocation (starting on Dec 5th): 194.00
*’Consistency ‘Til Christmas’–a 25-day engaging group accountability experience–focusing on water, steps, veggies, and sleep–in order to stay healthy and focused during the holiday season (starting on Dec 1): $25
Contact her at:

Last but not least – The 7-Day Whole Food Challenge – sign up for FREE!!!

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