It’s All About Sleep [Show Notes]

It’s All About Sleep – Episode 45

Apnea = stopped breathing

Types of sleep apnea

When you metabolism the fat stores when you’re losing weight, the main by-product of that process is carbon dioxide.  You breathe away your fat!!

Getting better sleep can be the trick to untangling the knot of many health problems.

Medication can make apnea worse.  So can other things too.

Caffeine helps you stay awake (read and listen here).  Sunlight does much more for you in helping you wake up (as little as 15 minutes of sunlight a day).

Sun comes up –> serotonin –> happy, awake, productive
Sun goes down –> melatonin replaces serotonin –> sleep

Sunrise clocks

People who work third shift have to use a lot of tricks for making daytime to feel like night so you can sleep.

Can’t just supplement serotonin because a lot of biologicals don’t survive the digestive and absorption process to get used by the body.

Electronic curfews are a good idea.

Blue blocking glasses
Light that helps us see is actually a combination of different colors of light (based on their wavelength).  The blue wavelength of light is what stimulates our eyes. So, if you have to do work at night, blocking that stimulating light can help you sleep once work is over.

Working third-shift is now considered a carcinogen.

Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) runs while you’re sleeping
TNF meme

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