Medication Intolerances 2 [Show Notes]

Medication Intolerances 2 – Episode 26

3 drug intolerances that involve the skin

  1. Itching and rash – even though they are a big sign of allergies, they also can be typical side effects of medications
    1. Narcotics – in hospitals, they give diphenhydramine (Benadryl) to calm an itching side effect
    2. Sulfa antibiotics and tetracyclines – sun hypersensitivity.  Not a sunburn, though.  May require pain reliever to get comfortable.
  2. Flushing – redness and hotness of the skin
    1. Niacin – used for cholesterol reduction.  Flushing is reduced by taking 81 mg of aspirin 30 minutes before taking niacin
    2. Hormones – natural or in medication (birth control or hormone replacement).  Can be reduced or eased by taking before bed or taking with food
    3. IV contrast – as the medication spreads through the body.
  3. Dryness – especially of skin surfaces that require moisture (i.e. mucous membranes)
    1. Antihistamines and cold medications – dry eyes, dry nose
    2. Overactive bladder medications – dry eyes, dry mouth, constipation
    3. IBS meds that control diarrhea – constipation

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