Thrive with sleep [Show Notes]

Thrive with sleep – Episode 22

3 areas that thrive when you get enough sleep

1. Productivity 

     – Better memory

     – Better attention span

     – Better creativity

The cells in your brain (neurons) run on electricity (aka the flow of positive and negative charges).  Sleep allows the electricity to reset, so it’s really to flow quickly and efficiently the next morning.

2. Health – when you sleep, you live longer.

     – Risk for cardiac disease increase with lack of sleep.

     – Inflammatory chemicals are cleansed out during sleep

     – Weight management – certain metabolism processes only happen while you’re sleeping

     – Tissues heal and rebuild

     – Reaction time improves – less likely to be in an accident

3. Emotions

     – Stress hormones are removed from your system

     – Gives your serotonin production a break, so you get a fresh supply in the morning (Serotonin is your happy chemical)

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“Radio Martini” Kevin MacLeod (  Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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